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  Name Title Group
Marty Andersen Andersen, Marty Teacher
Graham Avery Avery, Graham Teacher
Jerry Bailey Bailey, Jerry Director of Operations
Joseph Bailey Bailey, Joseph Teacher
Michelle Bane Bane, Michelle Teacher's Aide
Dewey Bodley Bodley, Dewey Teacher
Sharon Bright Bright, Sharon Teacher
Melanie Brown Brown, Melanie Teacher
Joanna Bryant Bryant, Joanna Teacher
Cindy Campbell Campbell, Cindy After School Staff
Sarah Cone Cone, Sarah Art Teacher
Kelly Congdon Congdon, Kelly Teacher's Aide
Martha Conner Conner, Martha Teacher's Aide
Jenni Delorge Delorge, Jenni Teacher
Kenneth Delorge Delorge, Kenneth Guidance Counselor
Amy Evans Evans, Amy Preschool Assistant
Mandy Evans Evans, Mandy Preschool Assistant
Shelly Fincannon Fincannon, Shelly Teacher
David Florence Florence, David Teacher
Amy Freeman Freeman, Amy Teacher
Autumn Gaydon Gaydon, Autumn Teacher
Brandy Gindlesperger Gindlesperger, Brandy Teacher
Kerry Gwaltney Gwaltney, Kerry Teacher
Lisa Hales Hales, Lisa Teacher
Meg Hicks Hicks, Meg Teacher
Josh Howard Howard, Josh Teacher
Angela Ingle Ingle, Angela Instructor
Kim Ingle Ingle, Kim Maintenance Director
Bob La Tour La Tour, Bob Teacher
Lisa Loflin Loflin, Lisa Teacher
Michael Loflin Loflin, Michael Administrator
Duane Manning Manning, Duane Teacher
Lyndsie Morton Morton, Lyndsie Teacher's Aide
Amy Oakley Oakley, Amy Teacher
Wendy Oakley Oakley, Wendy Preschool Director
Mitch Overman Overman, Mitch Teacher
Amy Peterson Peterson, Amy Teacher
Cynthia Prentice Prentice, Cynthia Teacher
Shirley Racke Racke, Shirley Teacher
Kaleatha Roberts Roberts, Kaleatha Elementary Principal
Sherry Rorrer Rorrer, Sherry Teacher
Bridgette Seacat Seacat, Bridgette Teacher
Jennifer Sherrill Sherrill, Jennifer Business Office
Tina Snow Snow, Tina Administrative Assistant
Savannah Stevenson Stevenson, Savannah Teacher
Michelle Stewart Stewart, Michelle Teacher
Sharon Stowe Stowe, Sharon Instructor
Kellie Stubblefield Stubblefield, Kellie Teacher
Melanie Varga Varga, Melanie
Shana Wall Wall, Shana Receptionist
Nathan Watkins Watkins, Nathan Middle and High School Principal
Rebekah Webb Webb, Rebekah Instructor
Carlie Wells Wells, Carlie Librarian
Eva Williamson Williamson, Eva Lunchroom Assistant