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our mission

ACS is a community Christian school assisting Christian families through excellent academics, arts and athletics from a Biblical world view in a nurturing environment so that all students might reach their God-given potential.


our vision

To Prepare Tomorrow's Leaders to Transform the World for Christ


Spiritual Vision:

ACS believes that in order for our students to to live their lives for Christ it is imperative that they have a strong, Biblical Worldview to guide them through life. ACS teaches the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God and strives to teach its basic doctrines and how their assimilation and application relate to a Biblical Worldview.

Academic Vision:

ACS strives to foster an Academic environment that is condusive to the success of each student. ACS provides a liberal arts education with a Biblical Worldview that meets or exceeds state requirements, as well as admission requirements for state, private, and Christian universities. 

Social Vision:

ACS challenges each student to be willing to serve others for God's glory. ACS teaches students to have a Biblical Worldview of life and relationships in the home, workplace, and community. ACS partners with local Churches of like faith to make a positive impact, for Christ, in our community.