What was the driving force behind opening Alamance Christian School?  A group of concerned parents and pastors saw how all Christian teachings in regard to God and the Bible were being removed from public schools. Their desire was to have an educational atmosphere where Christianity, Jesus Christ, and God-centric focus of their educational efforts.

How many years has ACS been in existence? ACS was established in 1969.

What makes ACS different than public schools?   We begin with God and everything we do flows from trying to teach our students the fear of the Lord and how to live our lives to please Him.


How is ACS organized? ACS is an independent Christian school. Operation of ACS is under the governance of its Board of Directors. The school is recognized by the North Carolina State Office of Nonpublic Education as an educational institution and is incorporated as a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Institution recognized by the IRS as tax exempt.


Is ACS accredited? ACS received accreditation in 2006 from the North Carolina Christian School Association. Review for renewal is every five years.

The following is a direct quote from www.nccsa.orgThe NCCSA Voluntary Accreditation Program (VAP) has been granted reciprocity from the accreditation commission of the American Association of Christian Schools. The NCCSA also maintains a co-accreditation agreement with the North American Christian School Accrediting Agency (NACSAA), which is officially recognized as an accrediting member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

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