Fine Arts

Fine Arts at Alamance Christian School is characterized by students and faculty utilizing their God-given talents for God's glory. Students participate in vocal and instrumental training in large and small groups and as soloists, and hone their skills in art classes, drawing, and painting.

Previous years dramatic productions included "The Wizard of Oz." In addition to dramatic performances, they have the opportunity to develop speech skills for individual and group competitions.

ACS offers students the opportunity to take advantage of music lessons and band classes. Private piano instruction is offered. Band classes based on skill levels are available. Hands-on art in the form of painting, drawing, and sculpture is offered.

ACS students participate annually in fine arts competitions, both on the state and national levels. Choric reading, sculpture, poetry, short story, speech, voice, acting, painting, debate, academic testing, and preaching are just a few of the categories in which ACS students have opportunity to become involved and show school spirit, as well as personal growth.

Being involved in fine arts doesn't mean that you have to be the best singer or a 1st chair trumpet or clarinet player. Students with all levels of skill can participate. They just have to be willing and take initiative.

Trained to serve is what it is all about. Each is given a talent that is on loan from the Lord to be used for His honor and glory.