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Athletic Department commitment
Excellence in Athletics

Athletics at ACS is one of the three foundational building blocks of our Educational Package.  The Coaches and Administration at ACS believe that athletics is an invaluable tool to help teach productive Godly habits and produce character in our student athletes that will last a lifetime.  We believe that our culture of excellence should be an extension from the classroom to the athletic field.  Athletics is one of the opportunities that we at ACS use to help teach and prepare our students for the challenges of life.  We do this by expecting a standard of excellence thru preparation, team work and giving ones best no matter the odds.  Winning is important at ACS and the athletes are pushed and prepared to do so, but winning at life is what we ultimately want for our student athletes.  If a student chooses to take advantage of the many sports related opportunities available at Alamance Christian School these are our commitments to the parents, students and staff:


  1. A student athlete will learn to win and lose gracefully.  Life is full of both so doing them both well is a must.
  2. A student athlete will be taught how to function in a team environment.  They will learn to put the team first all while being productive individually.
  3. A student athlete will learn self motivation.  They will be expected to push themselves to maximize their God given talent no matter how much or little.
  4. A student athlete will be taught perseverance.  They will learn to face hardship and great odds all while giving their best and pushing thru till the team goals are accomplished or the final whistle. 
  5. A student athlete will learn to take pride in the opportunity to represent Christ and ACS in their given sport.


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