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Parents of ACS students are encouraged to take an active part in their child's education.  Opportunities are available for you to chaperone and assist on field trips, to help with student performance programs, support the Booster Club and Parent Teacher Fellowship with your active participation, and many other facets of the ACS program.

Please avail yourself of the opportunity to become actively engaged in aspects of the programs here at ACS that directly and indirectly impact your child's educational development.  Your participation will be welcome and appreciated.


Parents of Alamance Christian School students are strongly encouraged to volunteer for various activities at ACS.  Becoming a volunteer is simply an act of the will to engage in your child's school activities in order to stretch your tuition dollars and to acknowledge to your child that his or her school is important to you in shaping their future lives.  Tuition and fees alone are not sufficient to cover the many activities in which students engage.  It takes free man hours and those come in the form of volunteers.