ACS Vision

1. Our Spiritual Vision for ACS Students

  • To teach the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God.
  • To teach the basic doctrines of the Bible and how their assimilation and application relate to a Christian world view.
  • To challenge each student with the claims of the Gospel in salvation, sanctification, separation and service.
  • To impart in each student an understanding of the church's task to evangelize the lost and to educate and edify believers.
  • To challenge the students to develop the mind of Christ when it comes to godliness, dealing with temptation and serving others.
  • To challenge each student concerning his responsibility to God-ordained authority.
  • To foster a moral environment that minimizes temptations and encourages spiritual growth.

2. Our Academic Vision for ACS Students

  • To foster an academic environment that is conducive to each student doing his best.
  • To provide a thorough, balanced, Bible-integrated liberal arts education from a Biblical world view that meets or exceeds state requirements, as well as the general college admissions standards of most state, private and Christian colleges and universities.
  • To promote the pursuit of excellence within the capabilities of each student.
  • To teach and encourage the use of good study habits.
  • To teach the student how to research, to reason logically and to provide a written or oral report of their findings in a concise, comprehensive manner.
  • To develop creative and critical thinking skills and the proper use of Biblical criteria for evaluation.
  • To discuss current affairs and relate them to God's plan as revealed in the Scriptures.
  • To prepare students to participate in our constitutional republic as responsible citizens.
  • To encourage an appreciation of and participation in the fine arts.

3. Our Social Vision for ACS Students

  • To challenge each student to be willing to serve others for God's glory and his or her eternal good.
  • To challenge each student to perform as a team member who keeps the best interest of the group ahead his or her own ambition.
  • To foster in each student a healthy patriotism.
  • To teach a Biblical view of life and relationships in the home, the workplace and the community.
  • To challenge each student to be a positive, moral influence in his or her community.
  • To promote the value and effective use of time.
  • To promote a Biblical view of material things and the responsible use of them in God's service.

4. Our Physical Vision for ACS Students

  • To provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn and grow.
  • To promote the stewardship of the body through habits of good health.

5. Our General Community Vision for ACS Students

  • To present a reputation/testimony of pursuing excellence in every area of school life.
  • To make a positive impact on our community through involvement in activities such as Special Olympics, city league competitions and our own Serve- a-thon.

6. Our Local Church Vision for ACS Students

  • To make attendance at a local Bible-preaching church whose pastor subscribes to the school's Statement of Faith as a prerequisite to attending ACS.
  • To stress involvement in the local church as a prerequisite to elite leadership groups at ACS.
  • To defer participation in church activities over school activities when schedules conflict with the final decision being left to parental discretion (ACS mails the next year's calendar of major events in the spring to all pastors who have families in the school).
  • To keep homework on Wednesday evenings to a minimum.
  • To dismiss practices or classes on Wednesdays by 4:30 to facilitate church attendance that evening.
  • To make ACS singing groups available for participation in special meetings at local churches.