Fine Arts


Excellence in Fine Arts

Fine Arts at ACS is one of the three foundational building blocks of our Educational Package. We at ACS believe in the importance of promoting and cultivating an environment to encourage students to use the gifts with which God has blessed them. Students should be stretched beyond the limit of which they believe they are capable. ACS believes that Fine Arts are a great opportunity for this very thing. Students taking advantage of the Fine Arts opportunities afforded them at ACS will graduate better equipped to serve God in their chosen profession and ministry. Our commitments to you the parents, students and staff at Alamance Christian School in Fine Arts is as follows:

  • A student of Fine Arts will learn the discipline of working diligently to achieve excellence in their craft.

  • A student in Fine Arts will realize the long term value of their God given talent.

  • A student in Fine Arts will receive the instructional tools to help refine their talent.

  • A student in Fine Arts will learn the value of living a balanced life.

  • A student in Fine Arts will learn the value of competition, how to handle the pressures of competition and how to accept winning and losing once their best has been displayed by allowing God to produce the outcome.