Welcome to ACS!

Welcome and warmest greetings to you.  As you seek to find the right fit for your child or children to lead them through the academic quadmire that is available today, let us encourage you to actively look at the ACS website to learn just what ACS has to offer the child from a Christian home.  The faculty and staff of ACS view their responsibility given to them by God and which they enthusiastically embrace.  The role of ACS faculty members as instructor, guide, counselor, and friend is borne enthusiastically by our faculty as they, together, seek to help your child develop each of his or her God-given talents and abilities to become World-Changers for God.

As a school we seek the common good for your child, and appreciate the trust that each parent places in us to share in his or her development.  As a Christian educational institution, we will tirelessly pursue excellence academically, athletically, artistically, socially, and spiritually.    

As you plan and decide where and by whom your child will be educated in preschool, elementary, middle grades, or high school, please be aware that ACS will delight in sharing this responsibility with you and consider it a God-given task to accomplish.